Remember when you were very young, there always seemed to be a kid in your class who was constantly drawing? Well, I was that kid... Fast forward over 30 years and I still am the kid who draws all of the time.

To me, being an Artist does not equate to being a master of Artistic mediums. It is purely a way of thinking that can be applied to EVERYTHING! I don't even mean that in a spiritual or holistic way. What I am getting at is this: Being an Artist, to me, is a way of seeing, making sense of, and existing in the world around me. I make sense of the world around me through being an Artist . . .

Here's what I mean: We are all walking around in the world with thoughts in our heads, meaningless or meaningful, emotions, and a cacophony of visuals that bombard us every day . . . I take all of those things existing in the world that surrounds us, reformulate them, and create some kind of order out of it. I don't take it lightly at all. . . To me it is actually a replacement of common order. I think of it as a sort of Zen way of living my life. It brings me calm and creativity. Art gives me something that cannot merely be displayed by the visual picture alone.

It is truly an intellectual pursuit that has meaning and purpose. It is the one thing that I cannot go without in my life besides the physical needs that a living creature needs to survive. Therefore, I took the gift that I was born with, tirelessly developed it, and am constantly working to bring it to another level. My life is spent escalating it into an endeavor which means more than the sum of it's parts. Every piece I work on has an undying focus to it . . . Something beyond being a thing of beauty, or ugliness, or anything simply described by words . . . It is a sort of transcendence. It is what it is and I am grateful to have it in my life

Even though I take Art very seriously, I am able to use it and adapt it for all sorts of needs . . . Over the years I learned that in order to succeed in the world of Art, I would have to be adept at many different mediums, and coincidentally be able to excel at different types of Artistic craftsmanship.

If you are in need of logo design, T-shirt designs, sign painting, murals, creative rendering, illustration, or fine Art, I can deliver a very beautiful piece... For whatever purpose you need it for. Every piece of Art is a challenge and a worthy challenge at that!